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1214 5th St S
Hopkins, MN, 55343
United States


Supplying quality heat processing equipment while providing world class customer service.

About Us


Bees Industrial Services brings the most experienced staff in the area to your facility.
Our staff has been serving the thermal process industry for a combined 66 years as well
as having the ability, experience and tools to complete the entire Service Package. 

Bonnie Stein:
More than 30 years in the industry 
Day-to-Day operations insuring your orders are handled properly
and that all of our standards stay at the level established by her grandfather in 1936.  

Brian Nichols:
More than 20 years in the industry 
Product knowledge combined with technology to provide
the best personalized service you can receive.  

Jacob Stein:
Fourth generation of family in the business, bringing new ideas
and a renewed commitment to the finest in customer service with
new perspectives, ideas and technology.  

We are only the front line of an entire staff of experts at your disposal.
We represent the top manufacturers in world with direct access to the best
engineers and technicians in the industry.  


An over-used word in today's marketplace, but a word that we take very seriously. 

Our goal is to get to know your business and to understand your needs.
Yes, it is about getting purchase orders, without a profitable business we would fail to exist.
But we have always enjoyed working with people and getting to know them.

We have a long history of tailoring our products and service to match the customer's needs.
No two customers are alike, so we tailor our services to reflect each unique need.
It is very common for our customers to call and say "ya know that one thing we
bought for Line-3 last year"? It is just as common for us to respond:
"Yes and we have one here for you". 

Service, is not just about getting a Purchase Order, it is about
understanding your needs and providing a solution for your application. 


With over 50 vendors to choose from, we are able to provide
you with the best possible product for your situation, as well as
comparative pricing so that your job is made easier.

Here are just a few:



We maintain a large inventory in our Hopkins warehouse. This product is tailored to the specific needs of our long-term customers, to help eliminate lead-time for crucial components within facilities.
We can keep your items in stock on our shelves for immediate delivery. 

Regular stock lists are made available to you for review to be sure the list is complete and matches your current needs. This requires a signed agreement to take all stocked items within a specific time frame.


As part of our world-class customer service, we offer custom labeling of the products you receive from us. To meet your specific needs we offer a wide variety of ways to make receiving, stocking, pulling, using and replacing parts easier and quicker.
INTERNAL PART NUMBERS can be used on all paperwork and part labels for easy identification within your already existing system. No need to cross reference items you get from us to our part number, simply give us your internal number and that will be in our records and all you need in the future. 
BAR CODES can be used on individual part labels for use on internal computerized tracking systems. We will do our best to accommodated with our labeling system for automated processing in your facility. 


Yeah, we made that phrase up, but it truly describes and encompasses what we are all about. 

By allowing us a close up look at your applications and any trouble spots we can use our experience and knowledge to your advantage. We have access to all of the best engineers from the best manufacturers in the world that allow us to offer more versatility than otherwise available. Using us along with our support, we can come together to bring solutions that improve productivity and saves money. 

Can't find what you are looking for? 
Don't hesitate to contact us, and we can help.


What is the cost of an item vs. cost of USING that item? 

When making purchasing decisions, it is important to consider lost-production, shipping costs, administrative costs (paperwork) and actual maintenance time. What did a less expensive, inferior product really cost you? We combine competitive prices, excellent quality and the best manufacturers to give you the ideal combination of price and quality to keep the cost of ownership low. 

You should consider your supplier as part of the product cost. We try to get involved with your application and come to understand the best options specifically for you,
not just what the catalog has suggested for everybody else. 

We have been built on trust, integrity and hard work. We pride ourselves on finding the best resolution to any problem. We consistently keep our customers best interest in mind. We are then continually rewarded by them as they keep us in mind for all their needs.