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Supplying quality heat processing equipment while providing world class customer service.

System Integrity

Often we have found that when customers have problems getting accurate temperature readings, the problem can be traced back to application or installation of components... very rarely is it the sensors themselves.
The tip of the sensor, all the way back to the control should have the same types of wire. 

Whatever type of "input" the control is looking for is what type of sensor must be used, without exception. All components between the tip of the sensor all the way back to the control must be the same.
This means the probe, extensions, and even internal wiring of the panels themselves, 
must be consistent to what the control is looking for.

Quite often, customers are surprised to hear that the plugs used on sensor terminations are relevant. For type J sensors, the plugs are black (mini size or standard size). For type K sensors, the plugs are yellow (mini size or standard size). for RTD sensors, the plugs are white (mini size or standard size). Other sensors also use specific plug types / colors, but are not commonly purchased. Some OEM sensors have special plug types. For information on these, please contact us.

Always keep in mind that the entire system of temperature sensing is critical and cannot be taken for granted. You cannot walk to your shelves and "find something that will work" just because they "look" the same.
You must take into consideration the TYPE of sensor you are using, not just the appearance.

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