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Most commonly used in the hot runner/runnerless injection molding, coil heaters are an excellent option where contamination is not an issue. All of our suppliers manufacture under the most strict of tolerances to ensure our replacements meet OEM specifications. With a wide variety of profile and construction types, finding one to meet your requirements is just a call away!

Bees has the ability to source the coil heater best for your application and needs. With several vendors available I am sure we’ll find the one you are looking for! Here are some of the available constructions:

  • Constrictor (will automatically tighten after heating up) with sheath temps up to 800’F.

  • Flat coil (2.5mm X 3.4mm) with type J or K integrated thermocouple and sheath temps up to 1382’F.

  • Low Profile (1.8mm X 3.2mm) which allows for tight quarters. They can be supplied with a type J or K integrated thermocouple and have sheath temps up to 1385’F.

  • Pressed in brass which provides some benefits to cast in brass (including response time) and provide excellent heat transfer. Also available with type J or K thermocouples.

  • Mini/Micro mini with profiles of 1.8mm round, 1.3mm X 2.3mm (mini), 1.1mm X 2.3mm (micro mini), 1.0mm X 1.6mm (micro)

  • Axial Clamp

  • Hotlock

  • Maxi Coil with a standard of 4.6mm X 8.6mm it is robust enough for various applications. Available in round also, it has the ability to be constructed for 480V supply it is durable enough for the most difficult of environments.

  • Bulk heater cable which is available in both 304 SS and Inconel 600 it has the ability to reach 1500’F (SS) or 1800’F (Inconel) and be formed to almost any shape.

Core suppliers of coil heaters include:

Don’t see what you are looking for? Chances are we can get it! Just provide as much information as you can below and we’ll reach out to you with any additional questions we have!

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