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Supplying quality heat processing equipment while providing world class customer service.

Cast Heaters

Cast-in heaters provide versatile and durable heaters for low-maintenance worry free use. We can provide unique designs to meet some of the most difficult design challenges out there.

barrel heaters

Cast from aluminum, bronze or brass which provides very good thermal conductivity.

cross head

Due to the unique designs and challenges of cross heads in extrusion these heaters are better suited for the contamination and high watt density usually required. They also can account for large slots, cutouts and holes without jeopardizing the heaters reliability.


These platen heaters provide superior heat transfer than using a standard mica style heater. They typically can also have more wattage that a mica heater. These can be pored, machined and finished to meet your specific needs. We also provide the ability to machine different materials and embed a replaceable heater for quicker turnaround time than a standard cast heater.

with air cooled shroud

Designs with stainless steel or cast aluminum for turn-key retrofits eliminating the need for external cooling sources (cooling tubes/towers)

food equipment

Often supplied with mounting holes for mating surfaces, these heaters can be built for wash down environments and special plating to help with corrosion and contamination.


Often used in blown film, extrusion die, screen changer, and adapters are present these heaters offer a versatile option for those hard to reach areas to maintain long life and maintenance free operation. With ranges from 5/8” to 1” thick, we can customize the mounting patterns and terminations to meet whatever requirements you should have.

circulation heaters

Three standard circulation designs used for heating gases or liquids. There are seamless 316SS tubes cast into the aluminum for excellent thermal transfer.

unique shapes

Utilizing modern modeling (CAD) and machining (CAM) we can customize heaters to meet your specific requirements. These heaters can often be cast and then machined to match the unique geometries required.